Induction Cooktop: The cooking Gadget you need

Induction Cooktops make use of the electromagnetic field to get a pan heated up whereas leaving the surface cool to touch and the air surrounding the cooktop not heated. It is safer and more energy efficient than either electric or gas cooking.

Efficiency of Induction Cooktops

Due to the fact that the pan is heated by the magnetic field; instead of heating the pan’s bottom with an electric heating element or flame, the Induction Cooktops have higher energy efficiency because less energy is spent through heating up the air surrounding the pot. For the gas stove, only 40% of the heat generated is used to cook food and the other 60% is just wasted.

The efficiency of traditional electric cookers range about 50%. On the other hand, the efficiency of Induction Cooktops is about 90%. This implies that 90% of the generated energy ends up in the pot and only 10% is wasted.

Induction Cooktop: The cooking Gadget you needSafety of Induction Cooktops

Since this stove’s surface does not get hot, one can touch it with their figure without burning themselves. This implies that in case sauce gets splattered on to the cooking surface, it will not burn. This simplifies the process of cleaning up.

The speed of Induction stoves

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The induction Cooktops heat more hurriedly than the electric or gas, thus saving time and energy. A 12,000 BTUs gas burner can take about 36 minutes to boil five gallons of water. However, a 1,800 watt (6120 BTUs) induction hob can cook the same quantity of water in just 22 minutes.

In addition to that, induction cookers instantly respond to adjustments in temperature; therefore when the heat is lowered, the results are seen right away, in the same way as a gas range.

Requirements for induction Cooktops

These stoves can only be used with cookware which is made of ferrous metals such as cast iron or steel. Ceramic, Aluminum and glass cookware will not work. To find out if your cookware is compatible with induction stoves, get a magnet and try sticking it on the cookware. If the magnet sticks on it, then the cookware is compatible and will work with Induction stoves.

Equipment for induction cooking

Induction cookers are available in countertop models; that is the free-standing devices with one or two hobs or “burners”. Most of the units have safety functions which will turn off in case there isn’t any pan or when the pan is empty. Due to the availability of drop-in units, one can outfit a home kitchen with an induction stove.


The principle of the conventional methods of cooking food, where a pan or pot is placed on the top of a hot surface hasn’t changed. The limitation to this is that the heat source is an open fire or electric coil which heats only the part of cookware which touches it. The other parts of the cookware are warmed by

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heat conduction and this causes the food to receive different heat amounts from different parts of the pan or pot. This is the reason why heating stew has to rely on convection and also why constant stirring is needed to avoid foods from burning.

This isn’t the case with cooking using induction cookers, as they uniformly or evenly heat the food. Don’t waste time, save money and time by getting an Induction Cooktop.


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