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The Best Induction Cooktop

Induction is the safest cooking method. One of the best-known advantages to induction cooktops are their ability to cool down immediately after a pot is removed from the range. Induction cooktop has a very easy control panel, cook rice faster and boil water quicker than gas or electric stove. Its smooth thick ceramic glass helps to clean it up very quickly. Induction cooktop has numerous safety measures to prevent any kind of overheating incident or to warn you if unsuitable cookware is used. If you don’t have any access to gas or electric stove or you want an extra burner for your family then “the Best Induction Cooktop” is the prime choice for you. Unlike ordinary cooking method that uses flame which directly heats the air around the pot and waste energy but best induction cooktop burner use a magnetic coil to produce heat through the bottom of the pot which helps to cook faster than ordinary method.  best induction cooktop

Top 3 Best Induction Cooktops for 2017

Product namePower levelTemperature Range
 1Duxtop 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 8100MC









140 F-460 F

Gourmia GIC100 Multifunction Portable 1800 Watt








140 F-460 F

The NuWave Precision Induction Cook Top



Up to 1300w



100 F-575 F


1Duxtop 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Burner 8100MC Induction Cooker-

It is one of the best induction cooktops on market. By using a magnetic field Duxtop produced energy to the cooking vessel directly. It can detect the size of cookware and automatically adjust the cookware through the very little amount of energy got to waste. best induction cooktop It is very fast and for its slim body, it is easy to clean. This adaptable cooktop is great for cooking. It is simple to carry and one can take it to outdoor party for instant cooking. best induction cooktop

There are some specific features in 1Duxtop-

  1. Duxtop induction cooktop uses 120 volts, 15 amps of electricity.
  2. Duxtop has a very unique digital control panel.
  3. It has 10 power levels start from 200-1800 watts.
  4. It is very slim and thin so it is very easy to handle.
  5. It has also 10 temperature range from 140 F to 460 F. so you can easily control it.
  6. It has a special feature like digital-countdown-timer with 1 min addition up to 170 minutes.  best induction cooktop
  7. There is an auto-pan detector panel which will turn off heating when the cookware got removed.
  8. Also, it has a low and high voltage warning system.
  9. It is provided with diagnostic error message system.
  10. 1Duxtop has been ETI approved.


best induction cooktopDuxtop induction is very easy to plug in and easy to use. Those cooktops are splinter to clean. You can easily clean it properly by using cloth when it became cool down after cooking.

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Gourmia GIC100 Multifunction Portable 1800 Watt Induction Cooker-

This burner has the highest star rating of the 3 best induction cooktop we are sharing with you. The stovetop itself hardly gets cozy except under the cooking pot. So no more burning finger and no more danger while children around. So it seems more reasonable and more reliable. Unlike Duxtop which has 10 power level and 10 temperature settings, it has only 8 power levels and 8 temperature settings.

There are some specific features in Gourmia GIC100-

  1. It has Gen3 crystalline combination surface for intensifying dispatch and resilience.
  2. It has a safety touch digital panel with function button and also has a control dial for temperature setting. best induction cooktop
  3. Its systematic cooking device prevents energy loss while cooking and instantly cool down after power off.
  4. It has a smart sensor technology which forces it to turn off when unsuitable cookware is used. best induction cooktop
  5. It has eight well-time power levels for a vast difference of food and cooking methods.
  6. It also has a 180-minute timer and a dynamic LED panel.


This burner is really trustworthy and affordable. And its shipping weight is just 6.2 pounds which makes it very light and one can easily store it without having the space problem.

To us, it looks like it would be worth the money.

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The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop

This best induction cooktop which is known as NuWave is well-known for advertising their products for their ability to cook meals quickly. NuWave precision induction cooktop doesn’t need many details due to their brand popularity. This portable induction burner is in its own league. It is the only burner that can reach the controlled temperature of 575 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of its awesome heat controlled it can boil water twice as fast as another burner. If you are new to the world of induction then this burner is the primary choice for you cause it comes with all the cookware you need.

There are some specific features in NuWave-

  1. It has a high-temperature controller from 100-575 Fahrenheit and 6 different pre-program setting which will make your cooking more interesting.
  2. This burner cooktop is round shape so unlike any other burner, it doesn’t waste any space so one can easily use it on his dinner table.
  3. Like every burner, it also has some safety measurement like automatically shut down after the cooking pot got removed.
  4. It has a control push button with LED display. It also saves 70% more energy than gas or electric stove.

Although there is no doubt about that NuWave is one of the best induction burners and easy to use but its round shape burner has a problem. If you use square shape cook pot then you won’t be able to use it. Without this problem, this cooktop is one of the best for newcomers.

best induction cooktop

Comparison Between 3 Best Induction Cooktops

 best induction cooktopIt’s really hard to choose between these 3 best induction cooktop burner cause these 3 are the best induction cooktop on market. But there has some separate unique specific on those burners which makes them different from each other. Like we can see-

*1Duxtop is very light has digital control panel it is very easy to transport with its lens size. And what more it uses standard 120 volts 15 amps of electricity. It also has a temperature control panel. It also has a voltage warning program which gives warning while using low or high voltage. It turns off the heat after 60 seconds if it doesn’t detect a pot or pan. There are plenty of reviews for the Duxtop 1800. And the good news is most of them are positive.

*Goumira GIC100 is little different than Duxtop. It has the highest star rating among those best induction cooktop we are sharing with you. On the control panel, it doesn’t seem that much complicated like Duxtop. best induction cooktop It has a power button a function button then a temperature knob with small digital screens. It also has a cooking timer and it allows more time than Duxtop. When it becomes too hot it’s overheating sensor force it to shut down automatically. It has the highest energy saving capability. Only induction capable cookware can use in it otherwise typical cooktop will not work on it. And there are also plenty of positive reviews on Gomira GIC100 that it was nearly impossible to find negative review out of 30. The most positive praised was the ability to heat up quickly.

*NuWave Precision is well-known for its brand popularity. people can buy it without comparing for its brand confidence. This portable burner is said to be one of its own kind. It can boil water faster than other two burners. It also has the capability of reaching 575 Fahrenheit degree while other two automatically shut down after reaching 460 Fahrenheit degree. However, this super cool burner isn’t best for everything the Goumira GIC100 has beat it in one area: energy efficiency. Goumira can save up to 90 percent less energy while NuWave can 70 percent. It is smaller than the other two cooktops but it weighs slightly more than the Goumira and Duxtop. There are plenty of positive reviews on the NuWave burner. People mostly praised about it being easy to use. It also has DVD instruction which helps people to use it easily. Its control panel is less complicated than other two. Many have stated that they were so pleased with NuWave that they completely replaced their usual cooking methods with the induction cooktop burner.

Unfortunately, it has more negative reviews then Goumira and NuWave. The popular complaint was of terrible customer service. Though it has 70 percent positive reviews and 15 percent negative reviews it wise to scroll down and take the decision by yourself.

Overall Impression of Induction Cooktop

Now that you have been informed about the best induction cooktops, now grab one of these induction cooktops. It seems to be a great product for anyone that is learning to cook as well as someone who enjoys the freedom of portable cooktop burner. From these three best induction cooktops we would suggest you the NuWave precision induction cooktop. Now it’s up to you decide whether this something to place on your wish list or not. best induction cooktop But it seemed that using the Best Induction Cooktops for cooking not only reduce your energy and gave safety but also help you to save money.


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