Best Food Storage Container

Best Food Storage Container

Food storage containers are one of the must-haves for your kitchen. They are demanding for storing leftovers and for holding arranged foods for picnics, gatherings and more. Most kitchens have at least one set of food storage containers, but this is one of those items that you really can’t have too much of.Best Food Storage Container

There are many particular sizes of food storage containers on the market so you have a mixture to choose from. When it comes to choosing the right food storage containers for your kitchen, it will help you to know about the types, elements, and sizes that you can choose from.

Best Food Storage Container

You will have a much easier time choosing the excellent best food storage container set if you know ahead of time what your needs are and how you will be using them. They are the impeccable item to protect your food from spoiling and can make your fridge very formed with the stackability that best food storage containers offer.

It’s a well-documented fact that plastic containers leach toxic cartridge into the foods they contain. Especially when subjected to real life circumstances such as heat, sunlight, microwaves, and dishwashers, etc.

In other words, when we eat food stored in plastic containers, we are eating cartridge harmful to the endocrine and reproduction systems.

This is not good, my friends! It’s not good for any of us, but especially for babies and young children, as well as for expectant mamas.

Several years ago, I start a quest to rid my kitchen of as much plastic as possible. Even with three young children, we use actual little plastic. It can be done!

Below I share my popular non-plastic, nontoxic food storage containers–the ones my family uses on a daily basis for baking, serving, storing, and transporting.

All of these options for non-toxic food storage are strong and economical and have served me well for years. They’re proven winners!




 INGREDIENTS                                    QUANTITY

  Chicken breast                                        2 kg

 Carrot                                                    100 gm

 Capsicum                                               1 pcs

 Potato                                                    1 kg

 Spring onion                                           100 gm

 Coriander                                               50 gm

 Green chili                                              50 gm

 Garlic                                                     100 gm

 Onion                                                     250 gm

 Lemon                                                    2 pcs

Best Food Storage ContainerCooking Method: 

  1. Take a chicken breast and make a hole in the middle of Chicken Breast
  2. Put a mixed vegetable inside the chicken Breast then shallow fry the chicken breast
  3. Put into the oven and cook until meat tender.


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